Wow. Salon Seek is awesome!

Online marketing really does spread across all industries. Hair and Beauty is no exception. For an industry famed for it’s terrible adoption of the internet and all the great benefits it can provide to a business it’s great to see a hair and beauty enterprise benefiting small business. Titling themselves as the Premium Hair and Beauty Directory you can see these people have great ambition. I would pay particular attention to the salon management system¬†which salon seek provides to it’s premium salons for a very reasonable ¬£180 a year. I really recommend this website. Even better is if you can’t afford that it is 100% free if you want to become only a registered salon.

Internet Marketing 101

Hey all so this is my first ever blog post. How exciting!!

How is everyone doing? Great day here just loving the weather. I was asked recently the importance of internet marketing by a Cornish Internet Marketer (click here for more INFO)and was shocked by how little other people understood the huge gravitational pull that an excellent and varied internet presence can have for a brand. Businesses that truly exploit the effectiveness of a strong online presence can increase profits exponentially!

Internet Marketing Burger

How awesome Internet Marketing is!

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